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LISTSERV Maestro with Mail Delivery Service

Mail Delivery Service

The mail delivery service is available as an additional option for LISTSERV Maestro customers. It allows you to install the software at your premises with full control over your email marketing communication and your customer database while having L-Soft take care of the delivery of your messages. L-Soft's mail servers offer high bandwidth and fast delivery. We also handle all ISP relationships, including deliverability and reputation management issues.

The mail delivery service is based on L-Soft's renowned ListPlex service, offering the power of LISTSERV® in the cloud since 1997.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Install LISTSERV Maestro at your premises with full control over the software
  • Ensure your data safety and integrity by keeping your customer data in-house
  • Receive L-Soft's mail delivery expertise, including reputation management and ISP whitelisting
  • Take advantage of our specialized mail servers with high bandwidth and delivery speed

Service Pricing

  • $500 one-time setup fee
  • $250 annual service charge
  • $2.50/1,000 attempted deliveries

Volume discounts are available.

L-Soft Sales

L-Soft Sales

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