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Every effort has been made to ensure that this document is an accurate representation of the functionality of LISTSERV®. As with every software application, development continues after the documentation has gone to press so small inconsistencies may occur. We would appreciate any feedback on this manual. Send comments via email to: MANUALS@LSOFT.COM
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Unicode (UTF-8) Support, Phase 1
A major new feature in LISTSERV 16.0 is the implementation of the first phase of Unicode support. LISTSERV's Unicode support is based on UTF-8 encoding. The long-term goal is for everything in LISTSERV to be a UTF-8 encoded string unless explicitly tagged otherwise. Because this is not a simple implementation, and because going to UTF-8 will undoubtedly break some customer scripts and applications, the road to full support for UTF-8 will be an ongoing, careful journey.
The first phase of the implementation revolves around these areas: the template processor, the message (job response) code, archive searches, and individual commands with support for UTF-8 (for now, only the LIST command is affected). The next phases will continue to roll out with the upcoming versions of LISTSERV.

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