L-Soft would like to receive customer input about the reinstatement issue.

At this point, L-Soft will not provide configuration options to loosen the “one shot and you’re out” rule, because it is a legal requirement of the AOL whitelist agreement. Usage of the automatic feedback loop processing feature is entirely optional; nobody is locked in to the new automatic processing feature, but it can only be used in compliance with AOL’s terms. L-Soft may revisit this position if AOL changes its whitelist terms. L-Soft believes that the way to move forward on this issue is to encourage AOL users to complain to AOL about the rule, rather than try and configure LISTSERV to ignore it. Like any business, AOL is likely to listen to its customers. AOL has historically been willing to listen to issues such as this one, at least once it saw that there was widespread concern and not just a handful of vocal complaints. Give AOL a chance to set this straight.