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Imagine a city or municipality with engaged residents and solid coordination between agencies. Interested in how your city, town or agency can communicate, collaborate and connect more effectively? Mouse over the screen for points of information and inspiration on how local government leaders, staff and everyday citizens can benefit from the many uses of LISTSERV email list technology.

The Mayor's Weekly Newsletter
The mayor sends out a frequent email newsletter detailing the latest developments in the city, including an overview of important legislation in the works and commentary about the direction of the city. Each newsletter contains an "Ask the Mayor" section where subscribers can post their questions and concerns, which are answered by the mayor and the mayor's staff.
City Council Bulletin
The city council sends out frequent email bulletins about upcoming city council meetings, including agenda items and links to transcripts from previous meetings. In addition, all council members have their own email newsletters, where they can communicate directly with constituents in their districts and stay more closely connected with neighborhood-level concerns.
Planning and Development Updates
The department of planning and development sends out weekly email announcements containing a schedule of upcoming meetings about citywide construction projects in the pipeline. The announcements are divided by district, making it easier for citizens to get involved and stay informed about projects and land use changes in their neighborhoods. Links to planning documents, including designs and building permits, which are hosted on the city portal, are included in every email.
Road and Traffic Alerts
The department of transportation sends out frequent email alerts about current and upcoming road construction projects. The email alerts contain detailed information about road closures and detours to allow citizens to plan their trips and routes in the most efficient way. The department also sends out annual surveys where subscribers can provide feedback and suggestions about the upcoming year's transportation budget priorities.
Police Blotter and Crime Statistics
The police department sends out daily email announcements with excerpts from the previous day's police blotter. People can sign up for these announcements by police precinct, which keeps the citizenry informed about incidents in their neighborhoods. Every quarter, the police department also sends out crime reports with statistical data for the city as a whole as well as for each police precinct.
Parks and Recreation Newsletters
The department of parks and recreation sends out a weekly newsletter containing a schedule of events and activities hosted at the city's parks and recreation centers. Every month, the department also sends out a bulletin with a complete calendar of classes and recreational sports leagues, available for children and adults alike, with direct links to the city portal to register and sign up.
Neighborhood Discussion Groups
The department of neighborhoods administers and moderates email discussion groups for each city-defined neighborhood district, allowing residents to openly discuss their ideas and concerns about their neighborhoods. The discussion groups are monitored by staff of the mayor and individual council members, who can relay commonly discussed themes, allowing individual citizens to get their concerns routed to the proper city department.
Public Transit Alerts
City transit sends out frequent email alerts about delays and other interruptions in the city's bus and subway system. When subscribing, people can select the bus routes and subway lines of interest to ensure that they receive the most relevant updates and alerts. Announcements for upcoming planning meetings about system expansion and re-structuring are sent out on a monthly basis.
Tourism and Event Updates
The office of tourism compiles and sends out a weekly email newsletter containing information about the latest museum exhibitions, theater performances, concerts and sporting events. The newsletter is made available to tourist bureaus and local hotels across the city to distribute to visitors.
Public School Communication
The department of public schools connects school staff, parents and board members with each other to improve K-12 education. An emergency notification system reaches all schools immediately when needed. Parents can choose to participate in discussion lists on many topics, including special education, English for speakers of other languages and college planning. The superintendent also informs citizens of important updates and opportunities for involvement in policy discussions via a monthly email newsletter.
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