By default, LISTSERV listens to port 2306 on all the IP addresses assigned to the local host.

If it needs to be restricted to a given IP address, or if port 2306 is already in use by another application, LISTSERV must be set up so that it listens to the correct IP address and port.

To specify an IP address that LISTSERV should listen to, you need to add the TCPGUI_IPADDR parameter to your site configuration file.

For example, under Windows, you would add the following line to the SITE.CFG file:


where nnn.nnn.nn.nn is the IP address assigned to the LISTSERV host.

You can instruct LISTSERV to listen to a different port by setting the TCPGUI_PORT parameter to an unused port number. For example:


Recall that you need to stop and restart LISTSERV for site configuration changes to take effect.