The TCPGUI interface is the part of LISTSERV that listens for TCP/IP connections coming into the LISTSERV port on the LISTSERV host. To use the TCPGUI interface, you set up TCPGUI, then you send commands to it through TCP/IP. You have two options for sending commands to LISTSERV through TCP/IP:

    • Use the lcmdx program from your operating system’s command line, or
    • Write a program to send the commands, using the code for lcmdx as a guide.

Most simple commands can be sent directly through the TCPGUI interface, but some advanced operations require special handling.


10.1 Setting up the TCPGUI Interface

10.2 Running LCMDX

10.3 Sending LISTSERV commands directly from your application

10.4 Advanced TCPGUI programming topics

10.5 LCMDX.C