This functionality is not available in LISTSERV Lite.

LISTSERV Classic and Classic HPO can interface to LDAP servers to authenticate user logins, to insert LDAP attributes in mail-merge distributions, as well as to implement Dynamic Queries (see Section 8 Dynamic Queries for more information).

The following diagram shows the LISTSERV LDAP architecture, in relation to other components:

Note: For clarity, Dynamic Query functions have been omitted from the diagram, but they also interface with the LDAP functionality.

The LDAP interface is at the same level as the DBMS interface – not at the level of the vendor-specific SQL drivers. Quite simply, LDAP servers do not “speak” SQL. To support LDAP, we had to teach the mail-merge and authentication modules to “speak” LDAP. This is why there is a new syntax for every LDAP-related function.

At this point, LISTSERV only queries LDAP directories. It will never try to make any changes, so it should not be given write access to the directory.


7.1 Configuring LDAP in LISTSERV

7.2 Using LDAP for Mail-Merge

7.3 Using LDAP for Authentication

7.4 Using LDAP over SSL for the Solaris Operating System

7.5 Dynamic Queries

7.6 Known issues and restrictions