LISTSERV can execute on-demand Dynamic Queries against either LDAP or traditional DBMS servers, and use the results for access control and mail delivery. For instance, an LDAP query against an Active Directory server could be used to grant list owner privileges to all members of a particular Windows Security Group. A DBMS query could be used to combine employee rosters for two departments and send a single copy of an announcement to each unique employee e-mail address. Support for other types of data sources can also be provided by writing an exit (short script) to query the custom data source and return the results to LISTSERV.

Note: This section will not cover basic DBMS or LDAP configuration. Please see Section 7 LISTSERV and LDAP for information on how to configure LDAP servers in LISTSERV.


8.1 Dynamic Query Concepts

8.2 Defining Dynamic Queries

8.3 Query Examples

8.4 Using Dynamic Queries for Access Control

8.5 Creating Dynamic Sub-Lists

8.6 Creating a Dynamic Query Exit to Access Custom Data Sources

8.7 Dynamic Queries and Security

8.8 Known Issues and Restrictions