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Q: How can I use the LISTSERV web interface on my mobile phone like an app?

With the fully responsive LISTSERV 17.0 interface, you and your subscribers can enjoy an all-access pass to LISTSERV anytime, on any device. As list owners and administrators, you can manage your site, send messages to your lists, and perform any other task on your mobile phone or tablet, where LISTSERV runs much like an app. And your subscribers can view their LISTSERV list messages on the go, wherever they are.

To access your LISTSERV site or a specific list home page in a mobile app-type format on your smartphone, follow these easy steps:

1. Pull up your LISTSERV site or a specific LISTSERV email list in your mobile browser and log in.

2. Depending on the operating system of your smartphone or tablet, choose either "Add to Home screen" or "Pin this page to Start". This will place a LISTSERV icon on your home screen.

LISTSERV 17.0 on Android and Windows Phones

3. Tap on the icon on the home screen and open the LISTSERV web interface like any other app.

Voila! After completing these three steps, you'll be able to manage your LISTSERV site and lists anytime, anywhere from your mobile devices. You can process subscribe and unsubscribe requests during your morning commute, take care of site administration functions while you wait for your 10 a.m. meeting, and handle any other LISTSERV task on the go.

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