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Issue 1, 2013

   Tech Tip: LISTSERV Maestro

Q: What is Basic Mode, and why might I use it?

New in LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 is the option for a simplified user interface and feature set called Basic Mode. This is a complete interface and feature set intended to guide first-time users through the process of creating, testing and delivering email marketing campaigns with full support for best current practices, including permission, privacy, testing and deliverability. Clear, step-by-step procedures and options are explained in familiar, plain language, with much online tutorial-style guidance.

This simplified user interface is available as an add-on purchase to LISTSERV as Maestro One. All the other Maestro editions include both Advanced Mode and Basic Mode.

Setting Up Basic Mode

Setting up Basic Mode is easy. As an administrator, when you first create a new user account in a new group, you are asked to choose Basic Mode or (regular) Advanced Mode for the user. This also sets the interface mode for all subsequent group members.

Basic Mode users can be later upgraded to Advanced Mode users as they become more experienced and able to make use of the more advanced features within LISTSERV Maestro.

Using Basic Mode

Recipient choice in Basic Mode is limited to a single, built-in hosted recipient list. Other Advanced Mode recipient options, such as file upload, external database access and so on are not available. On your first login as a basic user, you are required to set up your subscriber list.

After that, you may either upload your subscribers (if you already have a file) or begin with an empty list.

The common starting or home page is called, appropriately, "Start Here" and offers many guidance tips in several categories.

When creating a new mail job, the traditional workflow has been shortened to three clear steps, but everything is really still there. Since you only have one subscriber list, the recipient choice is simplified, but you can still segment your list and target your mailings in any useful way that your data allows. The mail job workflow appears as a kind of email client, putting the focus on content creation where you can choose from any of the built-in click-and-fill and design templates, including the more than 100 new "mobile-ready" templates.

There is also automatic "pop-over" help to guide you through each step, which you can dismiss as you gain experience and confidence.

Unique Tracking is automatically chosen for you if your message contains any clickable links, and your message is also automatically spam-checked. When you revisit your job any time after it has mailed out, you have a simple but clear tracking summary report. More detailed reports are also possible.

Overall, Basic Mode users have everything they need to manage subscribers, create and send professional-looking email marketing campaigns and analyze the results without hassles. This user mode is feature-rich, yet easy to use and quick to learn. Try it. You'll like it.

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