Transfer Builds Bridges Between Business World and School Life

Have you visited a school lately? What real-world information and advice would you share with students who will soon be entering the working world? L-Soft reaches out to young people through its relationship with Transfer, a Swedish non-profit organization founded with the mission to transfer knowledge from the business world to schools. Transfer is the organizational hub connecting the business community with teachers and students in high schools.

Transfer coordinates school visits by guest lecturers from the business community, who present on a topic requested by the school teacher. Examples of content covered include how to start a company, what the marketing field is like in practice, technology projects and leadership. As a result, young people gain insights into working life and inspiration for their own professional and entrepreneurial initiatives.

L-Soft's Executive Vice President Outi Tuomaala has made a few guest lectures in Stockholm.

Outi Tuomaala
Photo by Ebba Guhnby

"My goal of the school visit was to explain how we work with marketing in practice at L-Soft. Also, I hope that the students got some insights into how to work with email lists in marketing and customer communications, such as through newsletters like LISTSERV at Work," Outi Tuomaala explained as an example after a recent visit at Jensen Gymnasium (high school).

She added that going to visit a school as a guest lecturer gives good insights into the constantly connected generation, remarking that Generation Y uses instant messages, SMS with mobile phones and online communities more than email. The students appreciate guest visits and examples from the real business world as part of their curriculum.

"Without a driving organization such as Transfer, the interaction between businesses and schools would not function on this scale. Transfer inspires schools and businesses to see broadly, and we are happy to help Transfer by donating email list technology services to complete this important mission," Tuomaala said.

Founded in 2000 by Fredrik Arnander, Transfer has connected more than 5000 lectures of knowledge transfer between schools and business. The network now covers more than 250 Swedish schools and 1500 guest lecturers. Maybe there are possibilities in your local school system to transfer knowledge in a similar way to what Transfer does in Sweden.

Transfer Guest Lecture
Photo by Ebba Guhnby

Did you Know? L-Soft has a long tradition for community relations and corporate citizenship around the world. Among others, L-Soft has offered free email lists to the international school community via NetPals since 1998.

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