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Issue 3, 2013

Subscriber Targeting and Analytics: Recipe for Results

As email list communicators, it's clear that tailoring our messages and campaigns to the demographics and preferences of our subscribers brings stronger relationships and better outcomes. And of course, we all want to avoid the proverbial "special offer on beach umbrellas" email being sent to people in the Arctic.

Some L-Soft customers are taking advantage of LISTSERV with the Maestro email marketing and analytics add-on – also known as LISTSERV Maestro – to segment their subscriber groups and target their messages for best impact. The Maestro add-on is also available as a hosted option – ListPlex Maestro.

While a portion of customers know that they need the tracking and reporting capabilities and purchase LISTSERV Maestro from the outset, there are many LISTSERV customers whose requirements change or who simply decide it's time to get a full picture of their subscribers' activities and to put their subscriber data to use.

Maestro is the only email marketing solution built on LISTSERV and enables both beginner and advanced email marketers to easily engage subscribers with intelligence-based and truly targeted messages. The Maestro web interface guides you through the entire campaign development process, from message creation and target group selection to response evaluation and analysis. Maestro ensures peace-of-mind for senders because email marketing best practices and the latest deliverability standards are built in.

LISTSERV Maestro Analytics

People opt for LISTSERV Maestro or choose to add Maestro to their existing LISTSERV system for what it enables them to do, such as:

  • Track campaigns in real-time with visual analytics showing opens, clicks, forwards and more – and make changes mid-course based on metrics for better results
  • Build target groups based on data from the integrated database system or by connecting to in-house databases
  • Tailor mailings to target groups (age, gender, geographic location, preferences, etc)
  • Create beautiful HTML newsletters with a built-in gallery of templates
  • Rest assured because the password-protected interface keeps the system secure and because LISTSERV Maestro is the only software of its kind with built-in virus protection
  • Easily transition between LISTSERV Maestro licensed software and ListPlex Maestro cloud hosting services as needs evolve

All in all, LISTSERV Maestro software – and ListPlex Maestro hosting – enable you to stay connected with your customers and members, cultivate long-term relationships with your contacts, build loyalty and influence subscribers to take action.

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