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Anti-Virus Feature Protects LISTSERV 1.8e Subscribers LISTSERV 1.8e
Among the enhancements to the new LISTSERV 1.8e is the built-in anti-virus feature powered by F-Secure Anti-Virus. With troublemakers such as Klez flooding the Internet, this addition improves security for list owners and site maintainers.

LISTSERV 1.8e customers with maintenance will enjoy proven virus protection. Every message and attachment posted to a mailing list is scanned for viruses. If a virus is detected, the message is automatically rejected. F-Secure Anti-Virus is engineered for fast, automatic virus database updates and uses multiple scanning engines, providing LISTSERV lists with the best possible virus protection.
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Tech Tip

Q. What is the difference between the Topics and the Superlist/Sublist functions of LISTSERV®?
Answer by John Lyon
Senior Customer Support Engineer, L-Soft

LISTSERV's Topics function allows list owners to create up to 23 different topics for their list. A topic is a subdivision of the list based on a narrower aspect of the list's subject matter. For example, you may have a list about the restoration of old automobiles. Since this can be a broad subject, you can subdivide the list so certain messages with particular topics are only sent to subscribers interested in those topics. Topics for your car restoration list might include Chevy, Ford, Fiat, Jaguar and Lamborghini.

Subscribers could then subscribe to the topics in which they are interested so that they would receive only messages from their selected topics and not the entire list.

Superlist/Sublist functions of LISTSERV are a little different. Any list can be transformed into a superlist simply by adding other current or new lists as sublists into the configuration file of the superlist.

Once you have this configured, a post to the superlist will also send the same message to all the sublists. In keeping with the earlier example, you may have 10 separate lists for specific automobile makes such as Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, VW, Porsche, Volvo, Fiat, Jaguar, Lamborghini and Honda.

These 10 lists operate individually with separate subscribers and settings. By creating a superlist named 'Cars' with all these lists as sublists, you could send one message announcing a car show to the superlist, and it will be sent to all the sublists. LISTSERV ensures that if people are subscribed to more than one list contained within the superlist, they will only get one copy of the message. This makes it much easier than posting 10 separate messages to 10 different lists and spares subscribers from receiving duplicate messages.

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L-Soft Training and Consulting

L-Soft is conducting the next public training sessions at its Landover, MD, facilities on the following dates:

February 25-26, 2003
May 13-14, 2003
August 26-27, 2003
October 28-29, 2003

L-Soft's trainers, who work in the field they teach, will give courses on L-Soft's newest product, LISTSERV® Maestro. These hands-on classes for e-mail marketers and their technical staff are organized into half-day sessions.

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Twenty Tips for Establishing a Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaign
Implementing an effective e-mail marketing communications platform involves multiple tasks, such as gathering a list of recipients, defining content and format, delivering the message and evaluating the results of your marketing campaign. With successful e-mail marketing practices, companies will experience the return on investment required to justify expenditures.

The following 20 tips are from an upcoming L-Soft white paper titled "Successful E-Mail Marketing Practices."

Success Story: InterImage
Since 1996, InterImage Inc. has provided custom database and software applications to commercial, federal and municipal clients with the goal of delivering solutions that solve critical business problems effectively and affordably. Recently, the United States Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency came to InterImage looking for an effective method to market its Minority Enterprise Development Week event. The week-long event consists of a series of regionally held conferences, culminating in a national conference.

Leslie Steele, President and CEO of InterImage, said, "We chose L-Soft's LISTSERV® Maestro Hosting service because of its competitive feature sets, ease of use, scalability and price points. L-Soft's LISTSERV® Maestro hosting solution required minimal training. In fact, we were up and going within an hour."

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L-Soft Photo Collage A Glimpse of L-Soft...
L-Soft presents a photo collage of its Landover and Bethesda, MD, offices and offers a glimpse into the world of L-Soft.

Upcoming Events

Internet World Fall
October 1-3, 2002, in New York City

L-Soft will exhibit at Booth #151.

eMarketing World
October 23-24, 2002, in Washington, DC

L-Soft will exhibit at Booth #208.

L-Soft Vice President of Marketing Gabriela Linares will present "Building Business Relationships Using E-Mail" at 9:30 a.m. on October 23.

Gabriela Linares and Leslie Steele, President and CEO of InterImage, will be co-presenting the InterImage case study at 3 p.m. on October 24.

NCDM Winter
December 9-11, 2002, in Orlando, FL

Gabriela Linares and Shobhit Kapoor, Director of Internet Technology for Lifetime TV, will be co-presenting the Lifetime TV case study on December 10th at 8 a.m.

Quote of the Issue

"I am very excited about the new LISTSERV 1.8e version. The Web interface has some very impressive new features including task wizards, the subscriber's corner and the moderator interface. Several changes in this version are the direct result of enhancement requests and other feedback from list owners and site administrators, and demonstrate that L-Soft is responsive to its customers' needs."

Paul Russell
Senior System Administrator,
University of Notre Dame

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