Issue 4, 2016
Connecting Humanity: The Extraordinary Impact of Email Communities
By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft
Email Communities
As humans, from the time we're born, our very survival depends on connecting with others. Though our methods of connecting become more sophisticated, our drive to share, support, belong and to make a difference remains strong. Here are some inspiring examples of the email list as support group, wise colleague, research platform, parent's helper, enthusiast's hub, community builder and, yes, lifesaver.

Maximize Your Email Results with In-Depth Reporting and Analytics
By L-Soft Staff
Want to achieve more with your email? Take a look at the built-in reporting capabilities of LISTSERV Maestro in this short video tutorial. You'll get a glimpse of the interactive overview reports – showing all recently sent campaigns and enabling comparisons of average open, click, bounce and unsubscribe rates – plus a detailed look at metrics on campaign and subscriber engagement.

Can you help me understand the daily error monitoring reports that LISTSERV sends out?
By Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft
Most list owners have at some point received the daily error monitoring reports that are automatically generated and sent out whenever certain delivery errors occur. These error reports are part of the auto-deletion feature, which can be configured in many ways depending on the level of automatic error handling wanted by the list owner. But what do all of these delivery errors really mean, and are they something that list owners should be concerned about?
LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip
How can I stay up-to-date on my tracking statistics even if I don't log in regularly?
By Robert Graf-Waczenski
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft
LISTSERV Maestro 7.0 introduced a new notification service that allows you to sign up for automatic notifications, including job delivery information and tracking statistics of recently delivered jobs. You can also subscribe to weekly or monthly summary emails that give you a larger overview of your recent activities. You can choose to receive these messages regularly or configure it so that you only receive alerts when unusual activity or metrics are detected.

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