Issue 4, 2017
FTC to Review CAN-SPAM Rules
By Jani Kumpula
Senior Webmaster/User Interface Designer, L-Soft
When the CAN-SPAM Act went into effect in 2003, many were disappointed that it didn't go far enough and establish opt-in as a legal requirement for sending commercial email. While it contained several useful provisions, it fell short by settling for the far more permissive opt-out standard, which allows commercial email marketing messages to be sent to anyone, without permission, until recipients request that they stop.

FTC to Review CAN-SPAM Rules

Ben Parker, Chief Corporate Consultant at L-Soft, Retires after 20 Years
By L-Soft Staff
Many L-Soft customers have worked with Ben Parker, who served as Chief Corporate Consultant at L-Soft for nearly 20 years, until he retired August 31st. Ben's expertise and easygoing, solution-oriented approach earned him positive feedback from customers and colleagues alike. Whether assisting a prospective customer with infrastructure questions, conducting complex migrations, providing training or giving insights and perspective, Ben brought his depth of knowledge of LISTSERV and his commitment to customers to every interaction.

Ben Parker Retires after 20 Years

Email How-To Tip
How can I know if my subscribers view or click on the emails I send?
By Johannes Hubert
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

When sending out an email message to a group of subscribers, for example a regular newsletter or a campaign introducing new products, you need to know if the recipients actually viewed the message and clicked on any of the links in it. Thankfully, you can use an email marketing solution, such as LISTSERV Maestro, to collect this information automatically.

How can I deal with the fraud warnings inserted by Office 365?
By Joshua DesPortes
Sales Engineer, L-Soft

In a previous tech tip, we wrote about the fraud warnings that Office 365 has started to insert when receiving an email containing its own "From" domain in the headers after passing through LISTSERV. Our extensive testing with Microsoft support concludes that the only current solutions are Exchange Transport Rules or rewriting the "From" address.

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