Issue 1, 2024
The Anatomy of a Successful LISTSERV Email Newsletter

By Jani Kumpula
Senior Webmaster/UI Designer, L-Soft
Email newsletters can be one of the most impactful ways of communicating with your audiences, but only if done well. So what makes a good newsletter for optimal engagement? Let’s take a look at the building blocks of a successful email newsletter and why each of them is important.
The Anatomy of a Successful LISTSERV Email Newsletter

Support Key Goals with LISTSERV for NGOs, NPOs and Associations

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft
Hardworking communicators like you deserve a reliable, secure and efficient email communication platform. We're here to help with tech, tools, tips and best practices. So let's take a look at how LISTSERV email list and email marketing outreach technology can help you simplify and unify your key communications, engage stakeholders and advance your important goals.
Support Key Goals with Tech Tools for NGOs, NPOs and Associations

How do I configure SPF, DKIM and DMARC for my LISTSERV site and verify that they are working?
By Jacob Haller
Senior Support Engineer, L-Soft

Almost since the beginning, email service providers have been concerned about abuse, spam and forgery. This has led them to become increasingly strict about what types of emails to accept and what messages to classify as possible spam or reject altogether. In this tech tip, we'll discuss SPF, DKIM and DMARC policies and how to set them up for your LISTSERV site and to verify that they are working.
Email How-To Tip
How can I change the header or footer of a long-running email campaign?
By Robert Graf-Waczenski
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

Email newsletters generally have content that is unique for each message as well as recurring elements like the header, which often contains your logo and a link to view the message in a browser, and the footer, which typically lists important contact and legal information as well as the unsubscribe link. This tech tip explains how you can make changes to these components for email campaings that are already running.

Have You Joined the Two Free LISTSERV Email Courses Yet?

By L-Soft Staff
Expand your professional skill set, stand out among your peers and more. Join the more than 500 people who have already participated in the Learn LISTSERV and Learn LISTSERV Maestro courses. Check out these free, self-paced online learning opportunities and take advantage of the actionable knowledge and skills you'll gain.
Have You Joined the Two Free LISTSERV Email Courses Yet?

Spotlight Your Work with LISTSERV: We'd Love to Hear From You
Spotlight Your Work with LISTSERV
Using LISTSERV or LISTSERV Maestro? Let us know how it's going for your organization and share any examples of how your communications are benefiting from email list technology. We'd love to share your stories, use cases and experiences.


"LISTSERV software helps my organization because it's stable, secure, familiar and well supported. The one piece of server software that I don't have to worry about."

– Adrianne Schutt

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