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More than 3,700 customers worldwide are using L-Soft's email list management and email marketing solutions. Below is a collection of customer quotes about L-Soft's products and services.

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L-Soft Marketing



LISTSERV Testimonials

"LISTSERV software gives us the flexibility to accomplish whatever we need, and the support provided by L-Soft's knowledgeable and very helpful staff – a staff that apparently never sleeps – has been invaluable. L-Soft has gone far above and beyond all expectations to keep ICORS running flawlessly."

Karen Reznek
Co-Founder and Co-Director

"Shifting to L-Soft likely saved the life of FundSvcs. The options and web-based functionality made the decision a no-brainer."

John H. Taylor
Founder and List Administrator

"On behalf of the team here at Microsoft and all of our mailing list customers, I'd really like to thank all of you guys for your tremendous work helping us get our mailing lists configured and up and running. We really threw you some curve balls on this project and we appreciate your help more than you know. You have no idea what a pleasure it is to work with smart, responsive and pleasant people. And the delivery statistics! Amazing!"

Mary Haggard
Program Manager
Microsoft Site Builder Network

"L-Soft has proven, time after time, to be a reliable provider because of the stability of its product and the excellence of its customer service. LISTSERV allows Il Sole 24 ORE to give our subscribers specialized information in a dynamic way, yet makes the process of creating new mailing lists very simple. LISTSERV software also guarantees high performance, even as our lists and subscribers are constantly growing. L-Soft is a point-of-reference when looking for new and proven solutions."

Pasquale Bonito
Software Architect
Il Sole 24 ORE

"I must say that LISTSERV is among the most stable and troublefree of the heavily used software packages we run here. It is well worth every penny. And you can quote me!"

Frederick D. Ullman, Ph.D.
Director of Computing Services
SUNY College at Fredonia

LISTSERV Maestro Testimonials

"L-Soft came highly recommended to us by other universities, so we knew the company's software worked. We just didn't know how well. LISTSERV Maestro drastically reduced our overhead costs by handling everything in one complete system, and reduced process time by 75 percent. Before, it took weeks to send an electronic newsletter. Now, it takes days."

Daryl Weitz
University Advancement
University of Denver

"LISTSERV Maestro's response tracking provides us with unique information. With the help of this information, we are able to analyze our campaigns and develop them further. We already see results in cost savings and an increased number of pre-registrations."

Kinna Jonsson
Project Manager
Stockholm International Fairs

ListPlex Testimonials

"LISTSERV's solid reputation for handling mission critical mailing lists brought us to L-Soft. The proven performance and stability of L-Soft's technology and outsourcing services have no equivalent."

Gilles Frydman
Association of Cancer Online Resources

"The searchable LISTSERV archives are a huge resource for our customers. The discussions, events and research findings in JISCMail's archives tell the story of how education and research has changed considerably over the years. And the LISTSERV reporting tools allow us to build a picture of how well used and strong the JISCMail service is. We are measured on how much the service is used, and the reporting tools allow us to do this and give us this information quickly."

Lisa Vincent
Operations Manager

"GSI (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Support International) is truly a patient-driven organization, held together by the bonds of our email groups, which serve as our support system. Each and every person who associates with GSI through our LISTSERV discussions leaves a lasting piece of information and history for those who will follow in the future."

Ginger Sawyer
Board Member and Treasurer

"L-Soft is a state-of-the-art email list software and hosting company that provides reliable and powerful email list management and sending capabilities. The cloud-based list hosting solution is very powerful and easy to use. Technical staff was extremely helpful in migrating our existing lists and setting up new lists. List management is very easy using the LISTSERV web-based interface."

Michael Hensley
Information and Facilities Officer

"All of the lists are up and running well, with amazing response times. Thanks to the tools you give us, it's even been pretty easy to weed out the bad addresses we inherited. On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you again for all of your assistance through this process. It's a delight dealing with a company that's responsive ... one that clearly believes they'll make the most profit by taking good care of their customers."

Steve Pruitt
Microsoft List Moderator

ListPlex Maestro Testimonials

"After using the LISTSERV product for one year, I found that I needed a more 'marketing oriented' solution – one that would allow us to send test messages, track clicked links, provide sophisticated reporting, with some degree of flexibility. LISTSERV Maestro was the best solution because we were still able to maintain my 'do-it-yourself' approach and gain the necessary functionality. Best of all, we didn't have to buy expensive equipment/software to house our data. Our data is hosted on L-Soft servers and protected from the many viruses that become problematic when dealing with email."

Emily Fair
Assistant Manager, Marketing
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

"Since 2001, L-Soft's LISTSERV technology has given us a tool to transform families from passive bystanders into informed advocates. Today, the Barth Syndrome Foundation and our Barth syndrome charitable partners in Canada, South Africa and Europe represent fewer than 200 males with the disease. My son, who at age 10 was facing the same life-threatening diagnosis to which his brother succumbed at age 4, is now 21 years of age and there are others in our group who are in their fourth decade of life. We are a community that lives online to save lives that are on the line."

Shelley Bowen
Barth Syndrome Foundation

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