See How Email Communications Drive Positive Change

Whether you're working in a non-profit organization (NPO), a non-governmental organization (NGO) or a professional membership association, we've got you covered with a reliable and secure email communication solution to help you reach your target audiences, engage your supporters and stakeholders and advance your mission.

"The L-Soft products are cost-effective and easy to use. They empower users and owners to efficiently share and receive information through ongoing discussion, alerts and newsletters."

– Nicole Ambrose, United Way

NPOs and NGOs

Manage All of Your Digital Messaging and Outreach on One Cloud Platform

  • More Than Just an Email Communication Solution

    ListPlex Maestro DVM is a dedicated virtual machine that combines the industry standard LISTSERV® and LISTSERV® Maestro email list products into one integrated solution. You can enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based service without compromising on privacy or compliance.
  • Built for Organizations of All Sizes

    The service runs on LISTSERV email list technology and is designed specifically to enable medium- to large-sized organizations leverage the power of email communications to achieve their goals.
  • More Cost-Effective Than Other Email Marketing Solutions

    You get full access to all features and an unlimited contact database, unlike other providers that offer tiered access to advanced features and limit the number of contacts. You can send an unlimited number of monthly emails and only pay for what you actually send.

With ListPlex Maestro DVM, You Can:

Create and Manage

Create and Manage

Discussion lists foster dialogue and collaboration among your stakeholders. LISTSERV is the only professional discussion list solution on the market and offers the flexibility and security you need for your email communication needs.

Design and Deliver

Design and Deliver

Email newsletters inform and persuade your audiences. The user-friendly templates help you create eye-catching messages. The segmentation and personalization features allow you to tailor your messages for stronger engagement.

Measure and Report

Measure and Report

The comprehensive reporting and analytics tools of LISTSERV Maestro allow you to measure the impact of your communications. Monitor your outreach campaigns in real time and optimize your email strategy to boost engagement and improve results.

Unique Value for Organizations that Make a Difference in Our World

  • Email-Based Communities and Discussion Groups

    Foster knowledge exchange and collaboration within and beyond your organization. Benefit from searchable online archives to ensure valuable information is easily accessible whenever needed and to build a growing body of knowledge for your important initiatives.
  • Branded Newsletters and Outreach Campaigns

    Build strong connections with your stakeholders through customized newsletters and targeted email outreach campaigns. Deliver engaging content, track engagement and generate insightful reports.
  • Scalable and Flexible Deployment Options

    Whether you prefer an on-premises solution or the convenience of cloud hosting, L-Soft offers both deployment options. With the cloud service, you also gain access to a dedicated virtual machine for maximum performance.

"LISTSERV software gives us the flexibility to accomplish whatever we need, and the support provided by L-Soft's knowledgeable and very helpful staff – a staff that apparently never sleeps – has been invaluable."

– Karen Reznek, ICORS


LISTSERV technology has been helping people connect, communicate and collaborate since 1986. It empowers your organization to expand its reach and enables your professionals to develop collective knowledge that creates a meaningful impact in the world.

Seize the opportunity to transform and strengthen your communication strategies as you drive global positive change. Contact L-Soft today to learn more, take a demo, try out the solution for free or get a personalized quote, based on your organization's size, requirements and deployment preferences.

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