Elevate Your Email Communications with LISTSERV® in the Cloud

Get Started with the 20-List Hosted Service

Communicating with your audiences is a must, and email lists are the most universal and effective way to engage them. Get started with the features and reliability of LISTSERV as a hosted cloud service, known as ListPlex, which has been around for 25 years and runs on Azure. The ListPlex 20-list cloud service provides full LISTSERV benefits for your discussion groups, newsletters and more in a cost-effective package.

Keep Your Audiences Engaged

Communication is everything. Whether you're working for a small- to medium-size business, a not-for-profit association, an educational entity or a government agency, you can connect with your audiences using the ListPlex 20-list cloud hosting service. Discover why it's the popular choice of businesses, associations, coalitions, communities and more.

Keep Your Audiences Engaged

Host Your Lists Conveniently in the Cloud

The ListPlex 20-list edition is powered by the original LISTSERV, known for its exceptional reliability and trusted by organizations worldwide for more than three decades. Get a cost-effective and high-performing solution for your email list communication needs. Run up to 20 lists under your own domain name with the flexibility to expand to more lists as your needs evolve.

Host Your Lists Conveniently in the Cloud

Get the Full Features and Benefits of LISTSERV

Your ListPlex cloud hosting site is custom-tailored to your organization's needs and allows you to communicate using discussion groups, branded HTML newsletters and more. Host your lists – whether public or private and with or without moderation – in a reliable Microsoft Azure cloud environment with full redundancy, and get the peace of mind that comes with expert technical support from L-Soft's support engineers.

Get the Full Features and Benefits of LISTSERV

"The L-Soft cloud-based list hosting solution is very powerful and easy to use. List management is very easy using the LISTSERV web-based interface."

Michael Hensley –┬áNeighborImpact

Three Key Advantages of ListPlex Cloud Hosting

1. Start Right Away: L-Soft's support engineers can set up your service and configure your email lists quickly and efficiently. You can then log in to your site under your own virtual domain name and start communicating with your audiences.

2. Get All of the Features at a Competitive Price Point: Manage your lists and reach your subscribers using the LISTSERV web interface 24/7. Benefit from free video tutorials with tips on working with LISTSERV groups, newsletters and much more. L-Soft's resources are available to your user community anytime.

3. Benefit from the Power and Performance of LISTSERV: Your email is delivered from dedicated servers – running the latest version of LISTSERV with core email deliverability and authentication standards – and with maximum uptime, reliability and scalability.

Three Key Advantages of ListPlex Cloud Hosting

Get in touch with an experienced sales team member about your ListPlex cloud service and communication needs.


ListPlex Cloud Hosting Service: Up to 20 LISTSERV Lists

Customized Setup

Includes setup of your LISTSERV site with your customized domain name

$500 (one-time fee)

Yearly Service

Includes hardware, software, bandwidth and anti-virus protection for each email list


Yearly Technical Support and Deliveries

Includes dedicated technical support by email and phone on business days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET (U.S. Eastern Time)

$1,050 (Up to 20 Lists)
+ $2.50 / 1000 attempted email deliveries

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