NetPals Email Group Service

The following terms and conditions apply to NetPals, a free LISTSERV email group service, provided by email technology company L-Soft:

  • The NetPals service is intended to support direct educational programs
  • This service is available for primary and secondary schools (K-12)
  • Youth service organizations based in school districts, places of worship, community organizations and similar educational entities for youth generally qualify
  • NetPals email lists and groups can be requested by teachers and students
  • Each email group can host up to 250 subscribers. If your email group needs more subscriber capacity, you may request an increase after your list is created
  • Please notify us if you no longer need your NetPals service. Unused groups may be removed without notice after six months of inactivity
  • Use links for sharing videos and multimedia files, and try to avoid large attachments, which are discouraged due to filter limits

Please take a few minutes to review the questions and plan your NetPals group. Most settings can be modified later, with the exception of the list name. The list name is the email address to which you or group members post email messages.

1. Your Name and Contact Information

We need your name and email address to establish your account and to create the group. We also need the name and address of your school to validate your eligibility for the free NetPals service.


Email Address

Job Title

School Name

School Address

2. List Name and Title

The list name should be short and specific. Do not use spaces. If needed, use _ or – instead. Note that you cannot change the list name once the list is created, so choose it carefully.

List Name


The list title should be a short description of the purpose of the list. Choosing a good title is important since this will be shown when people search for your list.

List Title

Discussion Group for ABC School Teachers
Newsletter for the ABC School Community

The list description allows you to provide more details about the list to make it clear to any prospective subscriber who the list is for and what it's about.

List Description

3. List Type and Subscription

List Type

List Purpose
Teacher Support/Development
Staff Support/Development
Community Communication
Student Instruction
Student Use


Message Archives

Archive Access


4. Special Instructions or Comments

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See Guidelines for Proper Usage of the LISTSERV Trademark for more details.

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