Sobig.F. and Blaster Worms Underscore the Importance of Virus Protection for E-Mail Lists

L-Soft and F-Secure Stopped the Proliferation of 2.6 Billion Virus-Infected E-Mails in August

Santa Clara, CA - ISPCON Conference - (October 21, 2003) – L-Soft develops and sells software and outsourcing services for managing e-mail newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. Since the integration of F-Secure's Antivirus technology into L-Soft's LISTSERV® product line in 2001, billions of LISTSERV messages have been safely sent virus-free. August 2003 marked an unprecedented rise in viruses, with both the Sobig.F. and Blaster worms crippling online activity throughout the world.

"In August, we saw one of the worst virus weeks in history with major virus outbreaks as well as some completely new techniques and motives behind viruses and their propagation. Hundreds of millions of computer users suffered from network problems, slow computers and overflowing spam e-mails," said Mikko Hyppönen, Director of Antivirus Research at F-Secure Corporation. "It is not just school boys who write them anymore, but more often organized criminals are behind these incidents. It is therefore extremely important that every device and connection is properly secured."

"Sobig finally convinced the rest of the management it was time to upgrade to LISTSERV 1.8e," said Glenn Darwin, Information Technology Manager at National Corvette Museum, which runs 48 lists about Corvette-related topics with approximately 27,000 subscribers and 33,000 daily messages. "I installed it and the anti-virus software. It works like a charm."

The number of viruses stopped by the Antivirus feature on one of L-Soft's servers is listed below. The numbers compare the month of August to the largest month of virus attacks in the six months previous to that, which was June.


The Peach server hosts both discussion and announcement lists for all types of organizations. It has around 1.5 million list subscriptions.



Viruses Found
The number of messages found infected by a virus



Viruses Stopped
The number of subscribers that would have received the message with the virus.



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L-Soft develops and sells software and outsourcing services for managing e-mail newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. Founded in 1994, L-Soft has been instrumental in the proliferation of e-mail marketing thanks to the popularity of its flagship software, LISTSERV®. Since then, L-Soft has expanded its portfolio of products and services to include e-mail delivery, outsourcing and consulting services. Recognized in 2003 as Maryland's 37th fastest-growing technology company by Deloitte & Touche, L-Soft's products deliver about 35 million messages a day to more than 130 million list subscriptions. The company serves approximately 3,000 clients worldwide, including Microsoft, IBM, The New York Times, AOL-Time Warner/CNN, Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal, The United Nations, the U.S. Senate and Harvard University.

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