L-Soft Announces Winner of Email Marketing Award

Stockholm International Fairs Wins LISTSERV Choice Award for Sophisticated Email Marketing Campaigns

Bethesda, MD (January 20, 2005) – L-Soft, the premier email list management software vendor, today announced that Stockholm International Fairs, a leading exhibition center in Scandinavia, won the Email Marketing Award category of the LISTSERV Choice Awards, a contest that was launched to celebrate L-Soft's 10-Year Anniversary.

Stockholm International Fairs hosts over 80 events and welcomes over one million visitors to nearly 1,000 congresses, conferences and seminars every year. Over 10,000 companies from 50 countries around the globe participate in the events. Stockholm International Fairs uses email marketing to carry out communication with exhibitors, attendees and press. The company excels by carefully planning its strategy, measuring results against the initial goals and designing its campaigns effectively for its customers. The adoption of email marketing has decreased marketing costs, increased pre-registration rates and improved customer services.

"Email is an important part of our marketing activities. By using email we are able to deliver customized information and new services to optimize visitors' experiences," explains Kinna Jonsson, Project Manager at Stockholm International Fairs. "Today our database contains half a million registered email addresses of visitors who receive their exhibition tickets and other information via the Internet. We also send out competitions, newsletters and surveys."

The project coordinators of Stockholm International Fairs use LISTSERV Maestro software as a tool to manage and track their opt-in email marketing campaigns. "They are using LISTSERV Maestro in precisely the way it was designed to be used – to collect data and then improve campaigns by targeting recipients, analyzing content and working in specific groups through team collaboration. They have developed HTML templates for content to allow individuals and groups to produce their own messages without the help of programmers," says Beth Stinson, Technical Writer at L-Soft and member of the LISTSERV Choice Awards jury.

"We analyze our email campaigns and learn much about how the deliveries should look to appeal to the recipients. We know which parts of the messages are the most clicked and place the most important Web links there," Kinna Jonsson explains.

"Stockholm International Fairs implements the best practices in email marketing that I wish more companies would adopt. It is a 'win-win' situation for both the company and its customers," Beth Stinson concludes.

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, L-Soft has launched the LISTSERV Choice Awards. To read more about the LISTSERV Choice Awards winners go to:

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