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Research Administration Discussion List Wins L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys

Landover, MD (February 23, 2011) – Ask any research administrator: Applying for and administering research grants is no easy task, with the policy intricacies and perpetually changing regulations entailed, plus the added complexities of governments' new electronic grant application processes. But the Research Administration Discussion List (RESADM-L) makes the daily work of some 3,000 research administrators easier and less stressful by serving as an informative professional community. And today L-Soft announced that RESADM-L has won the Grand Prize in The Mailys, its annual competition honoring the outstanding use of the company's LISTSERV® email list software.

"L-Soft congratulates RESADM-L and the 3,000 research administration professionals who connect through the list for assistance and support. RESADM-L has been the 'go to' resource and reference in the research administration field since 1993. Providing hands-on solutions, knowledge sharing and searchable online archives, RESADM-L was chosen as the grand prize winner in the 2010 LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO, who invented LISTSERV, the original email list software in 1986.

"The research administration community as a whole is greatly benefited by being able to use a resource such as the RESADM-L list to discuss topics such as grant funding, grant submission, regulatory compliance, project budgeting, educational opportunities, technology, and yes, even pass along a little humor from time to time. We are all proud to be held up as a model example of how email list technology can be used to enhance communication with our peers in the industry," said RESADM-L List Owner Mike Varney upon accepting the award on behalf of RESADM-L and Health Research, Inc. (HRI), a New York-based non-profit that sponsors the list and enables him to administer it as part of his work.

Varney noted that RESADM-L helps thousands of industry professionals from universities, hospitals, and government and non-profit research labs to share information and field questions from their peers. "We get lots of conversation these days regarding U.S. Government grant application sites, which experience difficulties when they're under heavy load. You need to get supporting paperwork uploaded to a government site by a specific time on a specific day or the application is discarded. As a result, our membership needs to get timely advice and information as to not affect their research money stream. RESADM-L allows them to contact thousands of their peers in the industry to help them with their questions," said Varney. "The members are able to communicate to each other site statuses, workarounds, and tech support messages they receive in a very quick time frame, making everyone's stress level drop."

Subscribing to RESADM-L is noted as one of the most important things to do when seeking research administration certification, and the email community is frequently mentioned in industry publications as a key resource.

Subscribers describe the benefits with enthusiasm: "When I first began in this career field in many ways the RESADM-L discussion list helped train me ... When I began studying for my Certified Research Administrator (CRA) test, I got nuggets of information from postings related to what to expect and things to study," said Fran Stephens, CRA, Proposal Development Specialist with the University of Oklahoma. "Currently, I find it an invaluable tool for identifying when there are system or solicitation discrepancies or outages ... and many times workarounds to solve those problems, too. And whenever I'm at a conference talking to newcomers to the field, I try to remember to ask them if they've heard of the LISTSERV list and give them access info if they haven't – and many have thanked me later for turning them on to a wonderful resource."

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RESADM-L is the fifth grand prize winner in L-Soft's annual LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys – program, launched in 2004 to recognize the most successful and beneficial LISTSERV email list or LISTSERV Maestro email marketing campaign. The Mailys recognize the positive results that organizations and individuals can achieve using opt-in email list technology and includes public voting to determine the top three finalists for L-Soft jury consideration. The two honorable mention finalists in this year's competition were the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) KIDNEY-ONC discussion list and the Information Center for Online Resources and Services, Inc. (ICORS) MENOPAUS email support group. Nominations are now open for the 2011 LISTSERV Choice Awards.

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