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Bethesda, MD (May 18, 2016) – Creating, managing and tracking the highly targeted email marketing campaigns that today's communication climate demands just got easier with the release of LISTSERV Maestro 7.0, the brand new version of L-Soft's email marketing and analytics solution. With greatly improved support for a range of touch devices, it's a breeze for senders to stay on top of their email newsletters, announcements and other communications – even when they're on the go.

"Manage your email campaigns from wherever you are. Traveling, no problem; in the plane, no problem; sitting in your living room, no problem," said Dr. Manfred Bogen, Managing Director of L-Soft Germany GmbH, who leads the LISTSERV Maestro development team. "During the Morning Show until the Late Night Show, you can watch LISTSERV Maestro 7.0 doing its job for you."

LISTSERV Maestro is available as licensed software or a hosted cloud service and is the only email marketing solution powered by LISTSERV®, the original and industry gold standard email list technology. Responsive, customizable HTML newsletter templates enable a wide range of businesses, membership organizations and government entities to engage the ever-growing number of subscribers who read email on mobile devices.

"Today's subscribers are increasingly reading their email on their phones. It's more important than ever to have the right tools to design messages that work on screens of any size," Dr. Bogen said. "LISTSERV Maestro is about email anytime, anywhere, on any screen – for both senders and subscribers."

With increasingly nuanced customization of email content essential to truly engaging subscribers in the face of 24/7 information influx, the specialized subscriber filtering capabilities in LISTSERV Maestro now allow senders to easily create reusable subscriber segments and boost their automated drip marketing campaigns by creating follow-up messages to subscribers who opened or clicked on a link in a previous message.

The LISTSERV Maestro web interface guides senders through the entire campaign development process, from message creation and target group selection to response evaluation and analysis. It provides email marketing professionals with valuable data from real-time visual analytics and advanced post-campaign metrics. Tracking reports now include statistics about average open, click, bounce and unsubscribe rates over time, making it easier to compare the success of individual email marketing campaigns. Campaign administrators also have the opportunity to sign up for automatic notifications via email, including post-delivery tracking reports, weekly or monthly statistical summary reports and weekly recipient warehouse health reports.

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