NetPals – Keep Your School Connected with Free Email Groups


Schools around the world have been using free NetPals email groups for more than 20 years, and we're here to support your communications during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Powered by LISTSERV® email list software, NetPals email groups provide a secure and reliable platform for communicating urgent information, exchanging knowledge, sharing support and mobilizing the school community.

Teachers, students, administrators and parents benefit from connecting, communicating and collaborating around important needs and topics that impact the K-12 community. Every group has one dedicated purpose and one group email address. You can participate and access the group with any email address.

Top 5 Use Cases of NetPals

  • Teacher networks for peer support
  • Information flow between schools, teachers, parents and the community
  • Online communication between teachers and remote students
  • Ongoing updates, announcements, newsletters, blogs, private or public forums and topic-focused communities
  • Complement and backup to other communication channels

Top 5 Advantages of NetPals

  • Communicate with dedicated channels
  • Access through one email address
  • Enjoy low bandwidth usage
  • Benefit from searchable archives
  • Participate on your terms

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