Setting the Record the Straight: LISTSERV Myths vs Facts

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft

LISTSERV Myths vs Facts

As one of the very few email tech applications that’s still thriving after three decades, people have a lot to say about LISTSERV – fact or fallacy – and may wonder whether there's a "shiny new thing" for group communication into which they should jump. Check out this new page that dispels some common myths about LISTSERV, sets the record straight and includes helpful tips and resources.

1. Email Deliverability – Inbox or Junk Folder?

Myth: Mailing list managers like LISTSERV land your messages in people's Junk folders, flagged as spam or even blacklisted.

Fact: This scenario is definitely not the case when you use the authentic LISTSERV® solution. Whether you're running LISTSERV on-premises or hosted in the cloud, the cutting-edge deliverability and authentication features – including DKIM and SPF record support, integrated anti-virus protection, built-in blacklist/whitelist, spam feedback loops and more – ensure that your messages reach their destinations and keep your lists and subscribers secure.

LISTSERV Authentication and Deliverability Features:

  • Deliverability Assessment
  • DKIM Support
  • DMARC Compatibility
  • Integrated Virus Protection
  • Built-In Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Third-Party Spam Filter Compatibility
  • Spam Feedback Loops

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2. Email List Management – Automatic or Manual?

Myth: Managing email is a waste of time and outdated. Moving your lists to a new digital communication platforms automates everything, saving you time and resources.

Fact: Automated list management began with LISTSERV®, way before the term "digital communication platform" was even a cliché. Its invention was borne of the need to prevent the hassles of manual management, and it has been doing just that for more than 35 years in continuous development.

The web interface and automated list, subscriber and bounce management capabilities make list configurations and administration easy. The searchable LISTSERV list archives are an information goldmine, a time saver and a catalyst for exploring various email groups and newsletters.

LISTSERV Email List Management Provides:

  • Web Interface
  • Support for All Email List Types
  • Flexible List Security Options
  • Moderation Sharing
  • Searchable List Archives
  • RSS Support
  • Automatic Subscription Handling
  • Multiple Subscription Modes
  • Double Opt-In Support
  • Automatic Bounce Handling
  • Customizable Mail Templates
  • Content Filter
  • Attachment Filter
  • Topics
  • Superlists and Sublists

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3. Automated Messages – Keeping People in the Dark or Sharing Relevant Content?

Myth: New digital solutions can auto-send new content to your subscribers but email list solutions like LISTSERV don't have automation capabilities.

Fact: With the Maestro email marketing and analytics add-on, LISTSERV supports email automation and drip marketing campaigns, with follow-up messages that are automatically triggered according to a specific subscriber's action. In addition, it enables you to automatically publish your messages on social media during message delivery. Your subscribers can also expand their networks and "go viral" by sharing your email messages with other people in their own social circles, who in turn can do the same, all of which can be tracked to measure the reach and success of your outreach efforts.

LISTSERV Maestro Adds Email Automation Features and Capabilities:

  • Step-by-Step Delivery Guide
  • Built-In Subscriber Database
  • List Segmentation
  • Target Groups
  • A/B-Split Testing
  • Email Automation
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns
  • Open and Ignore Rates
  • Click and Conversion Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking
  • In-Depth Reporting and Analytics

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4. Multiple Channels of Communication – Just Email or Many Options?

Myth: Email list management tools only support email, not other channels.

Fact: LISTSERV supports multiple channels, including newsletters, discussion groups, email communities, blogs and forums. With the Maestro add-on, it also includes embedded social media sharing icons and the ability to track subscribers' content sharing.

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5. Email Groups – Reply-All Fiasco or Thriving Community?

Myth: Email groups result in chaos with multiple unrelated reply-all responses and backlogs.

Fact: LISTSERV subscribers have full control of how they prefer to receive messages, whether in real time or as periodical digests or indexes. Lists can also be fully moderated to keep discussions relevant and on track. In addition, the Topics feature allows list owners to create sub-lists based on a narrower aspect of the subject matter. LISTSERV is one of the very few platforms that enable discussion groups, and there is a global community of people who benefit from them. Searchable list archives are widely used by many email groups.

Advantages of LISTSERV Email Group Management:

  • Discussion lists are set up for the group's specific purpose and needs
  • The single list address prevents cc: and reply-all scenarios, saving time and hassles
  • Adding editor and moderator roles ensures full control
  • The list moderation feature makes it easy to keep email groups focused and running smoothly
  • The LISTSERV list archives put a goldmine of earlier list posts and wisdom at your fingertips

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6. Sharing Resources – Hot Mess or Smooth Sailing?

Myth: It is not possible to share resources efficiently over email. Mailing lists were cool back in the day, but today they are simply spam and clutter. It is not easy to share files, find messages or reach someone's inbox.

Fact: Inbox delivery relies on active email senders and recipients and solid best practices. It's actually super-easy to locate previous email group messages if the people running the group have set up list archives. Likewise, LISTSERV list owners have multiple tools to help ensure your messages get through and your lists stay uncluttered and relevant.

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